Welcome to Spot CWL - Cardiff Airports spotting guide.

If you are looking to visit Cardiff Airport to take photographs or spot planes then this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Cardiff Airport sees a varied mix of traffic from the regular Embraers, 737 and A320's through to BA's 747's, 777's and 787's that come in for maintenance.

The Airport also sees a good amount of military aircraft for training (and emergency diversions) as well as a variety of visitors from across the globe.

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Viewing Locations


  • Holiday Inn roundabout

    This location is strictly pedestrian only. Cars parked in or around the area will be moved on by the police immediately. It offers views on the apron and of aircraft landing and taking off from Runway 30.


  • Porthkerry Lane

    This is a popular spot when aircraft are using Runway 30. It offers heads on approach views to aircraft landing but no views across the airport. Parking here is tolerated but please respect it and use the bins provided. Also, park sensibly.

  • Lane to gate Porthkerry end

    This spot is pedestrian only. Vehicles blocking this lane will be removed by the police. Step ladders are recomended for this spot due to the high hedges but expect a "What are you up to" from security. For obvious reasons do not lean ladders onto the fence.


  • White Building overflow car park

    This is the most common area for viewing aircraft and can get very busy. It offers views across the airport with good photo opportunities on all runway directions and on the apron.

    Rhoose Road (from the roundabout up to Cardiff Aviation & The Flying Clubs) WILL be closed to all traffic on Friday 2nd (from 15:30hrs), Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th & Monday 5th June (til 16:30hrs).

  • Playing Fields behind Fire Station

    This is a step ladder must. The public playing fields have a high hedge behind the fire station but for those who venture upwards, it affords full views across the airfield.

  • The Highwayman

    The Highwayman pub crash gate offers great views for aircraft using Runway 12. Parking is very limited though so its worth parking further away and walking up. Step ladders are useful but not essential for this location.


  • B4265 (Runway 12 Approach)

    This is the main road that runs around the North and West of the airport. It has several lay-bys and lanes for parking and offers good views of aircraft approaching runway 12.

  • Gate on lane from B4265 to Fonmon Castle

    Like the main road, this location offers great views of aircraft approaching runway 12 and will give you profile shots on short finals.

Important Safety Information

Airports are places that are under tight security. It is important that you adhere to the following rules otherwise you will find access being restricted for future events.

  • Park legally. Dont stop on main roads, grass verges or double yellow lines
  • Take any litter home with you
  • Do not put ladders on the fence
  • Dont use flash photography on approaching aircraft
  • Be security concious, if someone, or something doesn't look right, report it!
  • Do not obstruct Police or PCSO's if they ask you to move, or if they want to check who you are, co-operate.

Cardiff Airport Headlines

Welsh First Minister accused of double standards over Spain flights
Posted on Tuesday March 23, 2021

Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford has been accused of double standards after allowing flights between Cardiff Airport and Spain to operate despite Wales still being in full lockdown under his authority. Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies led the calls saying it cannot be right that peoplee can “fly from [read more]

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In Pictures: Wizz Air arrives at Cardiff Airport
Posted on Sunday March 07, 2021

Wizz Air UK, which launches flights from Cardiff in May, has sent four Airbus A321 aircraft to Cardiff Airport for storage ahead of the base launch. Summer 2021 will see the low-cost airline operate to Alicante, Palma De Mallorca & Tenerife in Spain; Faro, Portugal; Larnaca, Cyprus and Corfu & [read more]

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Wizz Air plans flypast to celebrate Welsh launch
Posted on Friday March 05, 2021

Wizz Air UK is planning a four aircraft flypast of key Welsh cities tomorrow ahead of its planned launch from Cardiff Airport. The Hungarian low-cost carrier was due to begin flights in March but this has now been delayed to Mid-May due to travel restrictions still being in place. The [read more]

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Cardiff Airport to get £42m of taxpayers cash to avoid collapse
Posted on Wednesday March 03, 2021

Cardiff Airport (CWL/EGFF) is being given another £42 million of taxpayers cash from the Welsh Government and will have £40m it already owes written off. Welsh Labour Economy & Transport Minister Ken Skates said that if the government did not pump the money into the airport it owns then it [read more]

The post Cardiff Airport to get £42m of taxpayers cash to avoid collapse appeared first on UK Aviation News.

Your Pictures: The last flight of a British Airways Boeing 747
Posted on Friday December 11, 2020

British Airways Boeing 747-400 G-BYGC left Cardiff Airport today for the short flight to St Athan marking the end of the Boeing 747 in service with British Airways. The aircraft will now be preserved at St Athan by eCube Solutions and is due to be opened to the public in [read more]

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